A Little Bit About Us!!

A Little Bit About Us!!

In 2019 we want to connect with you, our customers and our social media followers by providing updates and information on our company through our new monthly blog! So cheers to 2019, here we go! 

First off, I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported My Custom Sports Chair since our inception and launch on October 23rd, 2015!  We have reached 20,000 units sold since our inception, and we thank you for the support!

Seeing as this is our first monthly blog, we wanted to share some information on our overall business on how My Custom Sports Chair came to life! We launched our business with the official license to create NHL chairs and grew from there. Now fully licensed with the NHL, NFL, MLB, CFL, NCAA, NASCAR, and Molson Coors. We pride ourselves in being the only officially licensed, fully customizable Adirondack sports chair on the market. We've taken the classic Adirondack chair and elevated it, brought it to life! Having the ability to fully “customize” you choose your chair base colour, your team, you choose home or away jersey, you decide whether or not to add a name and number and truly personalize your chair. Have you ever wanted to be the “Captain”? We can do that too! We’ve taken the time to develop a fully interactive website that allows you to see your chair live as you create it.

For us, quality is everything, so we spent time in sourcing a product that would not only be impressive and eye catching, but most important a product that would stand the test of time and challenge every element thrown its way. Thus the decision to use a resin chair, unlike wood resin does not warp, fade, or splinter. We originally partnered with a local company out of Brantford, Ontario to produce a folding resin Adirondack chair. A decision we could be proud of- maintaining the Canadian seal of our product. After months of testing, we moved forward with a partnership with 3M, to wrap our chairs in professional grade cast vinyl, the exact same material used to wrap vehicles. Our final process- heat treat the vinyl onto the resin chair, and we did it…we finally got a product that we knew would be a disrupter in the outdoor furniture space!  

Jumping forward brings us to 2016 and 2017. Both big years for My Custom Sports Chair! We were honoured to be named the top start-up in Canada in 2016 by the Globe and Mail. Such an accomplishment to be named by one of the most respected news outlets in the country and world.  What surprised us early on in our business was the overwhelming response from our customers for personal designs. We knew we wanted to be a leader in the market with our sports chairs, but were not anticipating the amount of custom designs from consumers requesting their brands, pictures of their cottages, pets, loved ones, virtually anything you can think of! This is when we realized that the sky was the limit in what we could offer to the market.  2017 brought big name brands and companies, we developed strong partnerships with Coca-Cola, Tim Hortons, CIBC, PokerStars, AT&T, Telus, Twisted Tea, and many other companies for POS displays, company gifting and promotions! Our custom chair design business now makes up 50% of our total business! With our business rapidly growing and expanding we moved from our 2,000 sq. ft. space to a fully functioning 10,000 sq. ft. production facility in our home town of Stoney Creek, Ontario.

In late 2018 we made the decision to start producing our own chairs, giving us the flexibility to start expanding our offering from our staple, the resin folding Adirondack chair to many new complimentary products you will see come out in 2019!  In addition to producing our own products in house, we have plans to expand our reach by launching our second website My Custom Chairs. Where we will be offering an interactive platform similar to the real time customization of our sports chairs through our My Custom Sports Chair website, to bring your own design to life by uploading a logo or picture and customize your own chair in real time!

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and have made the leap from a dream, to an idea, to business plan, to prototype, to testing phase, to LAUNCH, you understand the roller coaster ride of what comes with operating your own  business. The blood, sweat and tears that goes into making your dream a reality. We wouldn’t change it for the world!  The ups and downs of being a start-up company has made My Custom Sports Chair the company it is today! A company that we can call our own and a company to be proud of. We appreciate the on-going support and we do not take for granted how fortunate we are to have such strong support from our amazingly loyal customers.

Thank you!

Ricky Walton

President & Founder



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