TRI- Layer Engraved Chairs

TRI- Layer Engraved Chairs

We’ve worked hard with a strong supplier to develop a new resin sheet that has multiple layers of colour, giving My Custom Sports Chair the capabilities to now custom engrave any logo directly into the first layer of the chair, to get to the second colour! Works best with a two colour logo or image, mechanically engraved into the second layer of the chair creating a prominent, distinctive look! Companies like Coca-Cola, rBux, & Aperol have all tried our new TRI-Layer Technology!  A great fit for marketing, something that is not only eye catching but is unique and a high-quality piece to represent any brand. The TRI-Layer resin still maintains its resistance, its strength, durability and has the popular folding feature of our widely accepted original model! Its heavy duty and it is built to last with stainless steel hardware. We are proud to be 100% Canadian made product, and stand behind our quality! If you are looking for a cool, refreshing way to make your brand stand out contact our team at My Custom Sports Chair to bring your vision to life.

These beauties are not only for marketing & branding, they are perfect for the home, cottage or just the simple great outdoors.  All our chairs provide long term durability to consumers, leave our products outside year round with confidence!  

We thank all our customers for their continued support of our business!

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  • Ricky Walton